Re: Your GNOME Foundation Membership is about to expire

Hey Fran :)

On 03.10.2012 13:16, Fran Dieguez wrote:
Thanks for the information. I will apply for renewal of my GNOME

I'm trying to login into mango with my GNOME account but I can't get in.
How I can get an email for change my password?

hm. Are you using HTTPS Everywhere or smth similar? should show you a button to
apply for a membership. You should not see Mango at all.


On MÃr 03 Out 2012 12:42:03 CEST, Tobias Mueller wrote:
Dear Francisco DiÃguez,

the last time, your GNOME Foundation Membership was renewed, was on
The term of a membership is two years.
If you want to continue being a member, you have to renew your

Please see for details.

   The GNOME Membership and Elections Committee

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