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Thank you for this answer. Yes i could  give you the name of Alexandre
Franke. This is someone i meet often within the community.

Thank you,

2012/5/8 Og Maciel via RT <membership-applications gnome org>

Dear Mario,

Thank you for applying to become a member of the GNOME Foundation! In
order to process your application, we need a bit more information.

It would help us to process your membership application if you could ask
another GNOME contributor to give us some feedback about your involvement
and vouch for your membership. Would you be able to provide us with the
names and email addresses of someone who could provide us this
information? Once you have provided this we'll get back to you as soon as
we can.

Best wishes,

The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

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Mario Gervais
*mgervais mailoo org <mgervais fox gmail com>*
*mgervais fox gmail com*


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