[gnome.org #11405] Application received from Joey Ferwerda (joeyferweda AT gmail.com)

Hey Joey,

On 14.08.2010 02:36, Joey Ferwerda via RT wrote:
The reason why i wanted to apply so early is because there is a marketing
meeting in Boston (on boston summig) in november, and Jason told me
that the
entire marketing team will be there, and i really want to be there
since it
could boost the productivity a lot!
The thing is that i do not have the financial capability's to go there
myself, so i was hoping that i could get financial support from the

I see. Well, it's not that only Foundation Members get funding. If I
were you, I'd talk to the Travel Committee. Tell them, that meeting your
team mates in Boston would drastically make you contribute more. Send
that CC to, say, Jason. He might then vouch for you, asking the
Committee to send you there.

So: No worries :-)
But don't forget to apply here again ;-)


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