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Contact Information:
Name: Joey Ferwerda
E-mail: joeyferweda AT gmail.com
irc.gnome.org nickname (if any): TheOnlyJoey
git.gnome.org username (if any): 

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

Volunteered for GUADEC 2010, Joined Marketing group, Documenting, Helping people on IRC, Promoting FOSS

Detailed description:
I volunteered for GUADEC 2010 this year and helped with the networking and helped as general stand-in 
(Camera, gofer etc).

I also joined the Marketing group, were i am currently writing music for the upcoming promotional videos for 
GNOME 3 (project of Jason Clinton).

I am currently contributing to writing documentation for existing alpha and beta software (Blender 2.5, Linux 
Sampler), where helpfiles are only (and partly) available by wiki.
Nothing is posted yet since I am waiting to convert to Mallard before i upload my drafts.

Since 2007 i have been active on Freenode, helping people out with all kinds of problems regarding Open 
Source Software (mostly Ubuntu, GNOME specific and some loose apps)
Since GUADEC 2010, i have been active daily to help out people with GNOME related issues on #gnome.

Ilja Kamps - Ikarus (ikarus AT ikarus.ath.cx) (GNOME Encryption and Keyring contributor, Did network setup 
for GUADEC 2010)
Koen Martens - GMC (gmc AT revspace.nl) (GUADEC 2010 Chairman)
Jelle de Jong - Tuxcrafter (info AT powercraft.nl) (Second network guy from GUADEC 2010)

--Non GNOME contributions:
Bugtrack of WINE (http://bugs.winehq.org/)
Application maintenance of WINE (http://appdb.winehq.org/)

Other comments:
-- "Not specifically GNOME contributions, but useful for FOSS"
Since 2005 i have been working in different company's as a freelancer, as a Open Source "specialist" (a 
advanced that could install and configure distro's was considered a specialist then!).
Since then I have convinced several company's (and individuals) to change (partly) to FOSS (mainly Ubuntu, 
Debian and OpenSUSE with GNOME ofc).

I am also active on the Bugtrack of WINE, and maintain several applications and Games, contributing in Logs 
and workarounds.

For a dayjob, i have a Professional Audio recording studio, where I Record bands and artists, Write Music for 
artists and company's, and Produce several artist.

I also have experience in Business, Marketing and Radio.
I co-owned a Internet Radiostation for 4 years (Power Metal Radio, now known as HeadbangersFM), where i also 
scheduled interviews with big artists, and attended one of the most important festivals in the genre (Wacken 
Open Air 2006 - 2009), all arranged by myself.
Of course, this radiostation used FOSS for everything it could.

I am really looking forward in contributing (mainly in Marketing) in my own way to GNOME, since I really live 
by, and for FOSS.
GUADEC this year really opened my eyes and I found my way of contribution, so I hope i can make a difference.

[Application received at Sat Aug 7 13:39:53 2010 (Eastern time)]

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