Re: Membership questions

Hey Joey :-)

On 06.08.2010 21:34, Joey Ferwerda wrote:
The reason i am mailing, is because I am really interested in becoming a
member of the GNOME Foundation [...]
and since i read a lot on the website
about contributing in most of the time Hacking related situations, I
wanted to know if i could be able to do so based on my own contributions.

Sure. I think pretty much any non-trivial contribution to GNOME will do :-)

Feel free to fill out the application form at
You are asked to list your contributions so that we can assess them. You
are also asked to list people that can vouch for you.
Thus, you'll have a much easier time if you have people that you know
and that can vouch for you.
So I propose that you engage yourself in the team you are interested in
and then start to chat the people around you up as to whether they think
it'd be a good idea for you to apply for a membership.


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