Membership questions


I got some questions regarding membership of the GNOME Foundation.
I will try to give a idea of my current situation.

I attended GUADEC as a volunteer this year in The Hague, jumping in last minute to support the networking guys and running everywhere to fill in blank positions.
Since i am not a programmer, i have been trying to contribute to the GNOME community and open source in general in my own way, helping out on IRC, and promoting open source in my previous IT work and in general.
On GUADEC, i spoke with some members of the Marketing team, and since i am a Studio technician and owner, I offered to contribute by offering my skills as a Music Composer and Audio Technician, and immediately signed up!
I am currently working on the Gnome3 in 3 Minutes project of Jason Clinton, and discussing other things with the marketing crew where i could contribute in.
I also started documenting software (the new Blender 2.5) and starting to look more into documenting in total.

The reason i am mailing, is because I am really interested in becoming a member of the GNOME Foundation, and since i read a lot on the website about contributing in most of the time Hacking related situations, I wanted to know if i could be able to do so based on my own contributions.

If there are questions, be free to contact me by email or on IRC (TheOnlyJoey on GimpNet)


Joey Ferwerda

Alias. Morton Black

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