Re: meeting re: defining requirements for cryptographically verifiable voting software?

Vincent Untz wrote:
Ben, Ryan: the meetings are on Thursday, at 13:30 UTC (if I'm not
wrong). Is this a suitable time for you? If yes, is this week okay for

I can do 13:30 UTC, though later is also appreciated :)

Ben: also, is there anything we can do on our side to prepare the
meeting? We'll probably have a short list of what requirements we need,
but if there's anything else that might be nice, just tell us.

Assume your election were held in a single physical location with
everyone present... How would it be run, exactly? With that description,
I can get a clear idea of your reqs independently of the "everyone is
online" situation.

Second, what are you current authentication bootstraps? Does everyone
have an SSH key? An SSL client-side cert? A username/password?

My work combines fairly involved crypto for auditable voting, and web
"stuff", so if you have any specific questions, feel free to bring them
up on Thursday or to send me a list of them ahead of time.

Looking forward to the chat!


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