Re: meeting re: defining requirements for cryptographically verifiable voting software?


My suggestion is that we discuss this during our weekly meeting on
IRC. What do you think? Can I add this to the agenda?


2007/3/3, Luis Villa <luis tieguy org>:
Hey, all-

Ben Adida (cc'd) is a friend of mine from my time at Harvard, and a
friend of open source. He's also a researcher on crypto and voting,
having recently done his PhD on it at MIT.

Ben and I were talking several months ago about the desirability of
such a thing for GNOME, and he suggested he might be interested in
helping to implement such a system for us. I then promptly dropped the
ball :)

This came back up again the other day, when I discovered that Ryan,
Vincent, and other members of the membership committee had been
discussing crypto voting for use in GNOME's elections.

Long story short, Ben proposed having a meeting with interested GNOME
parties, so that he can understand GNOME's voting requirements. I
can't make any promises for him, but he has told me that he'd be very
interested in knowing GNOME's requirements for a voting system and
using that to figure out whether or not he can help out in design
and/or implementation.

I'm not involved from here on out- I'm swamped. But I hope this brief
introduction is the start of a beautiful, productive relationship.
Vincent, think you can pick up discussion and meeting scheduling from
here? Thanks :)

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