Re: Exasperated

Hi Corey,

Deeply regret the delay in the processing. I would hope that you have
received the Membership Acceptance mail from the Committee by now.

There are no 'double standards' put in play over here. Sometimes it just
so happens that the we need to wait for the response (from *all* the
contacts) and since there is no mechanism (at least right now) to keep
requesting the contacts to respond, tickets take time to be resolved.

Warm regards
(on behalf of the Membership Committee)

Corey Burger wrote:
Hello all,

I sent my application in a number of months ago, after I helped run
the GNOME booth at LWE in SF in August. To this date I have not yet
received a reply from anybody on this committee. All I got was the
automated response from the ticket tracker. This is ok. I  understand
you are all volunteers, and all that. What bothers me is that I see
that Thomas Thurman was recently accepted, after having publicly said
that he only applied a month ago. Can you please explain to me this
double standard? All I am seeking is a statement as to why it is
taking so long. If you are waiting on somebody to respond, that is ok,
I can take a load off your shoulders and poke them for you. Just give
me a reponse. I am getting tired and annoyed.




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