Re: Installing anonymous voting system on a server


Le lundi 10 octobre 2005 Ã 21:45 +0200, Vincent Untz a Ãcrit :
Hi guys,

It seems we might see a referendum happening before the elections this
year. It means less time for the membership committee to organize a lot
of stuff, but also less time for the sysadmins to help us :-)

We'd appreciate if a sysadmin can look at the code for the anonymous
voting system and search for security problems (there shouldn't be any
but who knows ;-)). And then, if we can install it, it'd be perfect. The
code can be downloaded here:

(I should probably put the code somewhere in cvs, but I don't know

There's a database.sql file in the tarball describing the sql tables
that are needed. Note that the last one (foundation_members) already
exists, although it doesn't have the same structure.

Just wondering... Can I help in some way for this?

We'd like to see the voting period start next week, but we can push it
back if necessary.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressÃs.

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