Re: Regarding Nirmal Kumar's Membership Application

Le mercredi 27 avril 2005 Ã 09:45 +0530, Sankarshan Mukhopadhay a
Ãcrit :

Nirmal Kumar wrote:


I have applied for gnome-foundation membership on 28th March 2005.
During the membership, i havent mentioned about the Tamil translation of
sound-juicer module. I have started the localisation of Sound-juicer
module. Its 75% complete. I thought this information would be valuable
for my membership application.


How to find out more about the status of his application ? Or should we
consider this mail (above) a fresh one and process it ?

There are some unprocessed applications. You can find them in
application_status.txt (in the gnome-foundation cvs module): they are
all the applications without a status at the end.

IIRC, I sent mails to know more about Nirmal Kumar to the people he
listed in his application and we received positive answers. You can
browse the membership-committee archives for more precise informations:

We should process his application (and the other old ones) as soon as
possible. For reference, I sent mails to know more about the applicants
for these applications:
        760 Benedikt Christopeit
        762 Jeroen Zwartepoorte
        764 Nirmal Kumar
The answers were positive in the three cases. However, in the past, we
did receive some not so positive feedback for Benedikt, so we might want
to ask some more questions. I think Jeroen and Nirmal should be

We can also accept "766 Christophe Fergeau *" since it's a renewal and
we always accept renewals.

All the other unprocessed applications (767 => 776) are waiting for some
love :-) You can find the mails that was sent as an application in the
mailing list archives.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressÃs.

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