Re: New members in the committee

Le jeudi 26 février 2004, a 07:41, Andy Tai a ecrit :

I would like to stay on for the time being.  I think I
can have more to contribute.

As I'm trying to organize our work, can you tell me on what you'll work?
Here's the current list of tasks we have [1] (if there is any other
task, please add it):

  1. process the remaining applications
  2. prepare the referendum about "anonymous voting"
  3. recruit new people into the committee
  4. build the new infrastructure for handling memberships
  5. talk with the board about one-year membership and some other stuff

We're working on point 3 right now. I'll help the new members of the
committee address point 2 (it's important that they have an experience
of organizing a vote before we leave them alone), but help is welcome



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