Re: New members in the committee

Le mercredi 25 février 2004, a 13:53, Ghee Teo a ecrit :
   I think my contribution to approving membership committe has been 
minimum, which is probably a reflection of my other works load. Given 
that there are that many volunteers, I think I should step aside and let 
them have a chance to server and help out with the works! (Is this a 
good enough excuse :)

No need for an excuse :-)
Thanks for the work you did and for the enthusiasm you shared with us,

I was thinking of accepting 3 of those guys now and then propose to the
others to join when we leave. This will ease the transition and it's a
way to start renewing half the committee every year.

   In my resignation, you can accept another person. I would suggestion 
the choice of the volunteers could be based on divest geographical 
location (for Culture and time zone), affiliation and possible past 
experience.  Should also take a reference in the case of tie-breaker.

I'm still thinking of accepting "only" 3 persons for now: this would
ease the process of renewing half the committee every year because we'll
start with 3 new people and when the other old members will resign,
we'll invite 3 new people to join.

As for your suggestions, I agree. But I still think motivation is the
first aspect to be examined.

If you agree with this idea, here are the three people I support now
(note that it doesn't mean that I don't support the others: they will
eventually join the committee later): Gaël, Greg and Sayamindu. I choose
Gaël and Greg because they voluntereed well before we called for
volunteers. It's not easy to choose between the others and I admit I
had no fundamental reason to choose Sayamindu.

I want the people who are not accepted now to feel the love and to know
they'll be welcome to join later. Although they won't be in the
committee, if they're motivated to help running the referendum, we won't
refuse their help. It can be a good training for when they'll join the

   I think if it possible is to accept them all or else as a committee 
in standing. Essentially, they automatically become once some one else left.

   Once again, I want to thank you all for it has been a pleasure 
working with your all :)

Be sure the pleasure was shared!


Les gens heureux ne sont pas presses.

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