Re: Future plans

Quick answer (sorry, I'm running out of time)

Le jeudi 12 février 2004, a 08:54, Eric Baudais a ecrit :
Some of the membership have stated on foundation-list they wanted to
see a one year membership term.  I think this will make our job easier
and harder at the same time.  It is easier because everyone is
renewing at the same time and we can make more internal guidelines on
how to start the membership renewal process.  It is harder because we
will be swamped with renewal applications as well as a lot of new
membership applications too.  Hopefully increasing the committee's
size will help in going through the membership applications.  The task

And I hope the new membership management stuff will help for this too:
no more files to edit, mails automatically sent, etc.

What about this: people are in the committee for two years, and every
year half the committee is renewed to ensure there's a continuation.

That sounds like a good idea.  I like it because we aren't forcing the
entire committee to resign.  People who want to continue to work on
the committee can do so.  However we are allowing a place for new
members.  I also think an upper limit should be placed on the
membership committee.  I think this upper limit should be around 10
people.  We should also try to have at least 4 people on the committee
at the same time.

10 sounds too much for me, I would have said 6 people. But I'm ready to
be convinced :-)

Another guideline should be concerning internal decisions we make,
such as proprosals to the board and applications committee members
bring to the committee as a whole.  I think there should be a 75%
agreement before a decision will be published.  This allows for
discussion before we make decisions and it will require everyone
participate, if only to give their agreement.

Agree here (but I was more thinking of 66% than 75%).


  * recently, I've seen people asking for membership because they want a e-mail address. This is not good.

I think we need to better define what the role of the foundation is
and how to be a good member.

I think the next two tie together well.  I think there is a need for
some sort of education program for the foundation membership on being
a good member.  This might have something to do with my fraternal
associations, but I don't think a lot of people actually know what the
foundation does and what we expect from the membership.  I think we
should present a paper at GUADEC to start this off.  I would be
willing to write a document outlining my ideas and do some more
research into this.

Note that the call for papers end on Monday.


Thanks for your feedback on those points. I hope you'll have time to
elaborate a bit on this :-)

I ran out of time again on the education part.  Oh well, life can be
full of disappointments.  I would like to hear from the other members,
mainly Andy and Ghee about what they think.

Andy, Ghee?

Oh, I totally forgot: we have to look at the candidacies to join the
committee. IIRC, there are four volunteers. I was thinking of accepting
2 or 3 now and telling the others that I'll leave next summer (two years
term :-)) so they may join later.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas presses.

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