Re: Future plans


  5. talk with the board about one-year membership and some other stuff


As for 5, we definitely need to discuss with the board. Glynn is
listening here and I'm sure he's eager to help us. Right now, here's
what I'd like to discuss:
  * one-year membership
  * all renewals on the same date (=> it will ease our work because we
    won't need to track every renewal)
  * what is the exact status of the committee? This is not clear for me:
    we have an official role, but how are the members of the committee
    chosen? How does it work? I don't want to add bureaucracy, but we
    need some clear rules.
  * recently, I've seen people asking for membership because they want a e-mail address. This is not good.
  * how can we make more people vote?
The last two points can be linked to this impression: I believe people
think they have to be a member of the foundation to be a member of the
GNOME community. So they ask for membership, but they don't seem to care
about the foundation... I don't think that's a good thing.

I'd like to hear what you think of those points before discussing about
this with the board, because those are my personal opinions and not the
opinions of the committee. And what I want to do is discuss with the
board from the committee point of view (and not mine).
IIRC, Eric agreed that the first two points were valid.

I don't want to say anything about it from a board level other than
'Yes, please do get us involved, send us proposals and we'll make sure
that it's an agenda item at the next meeting'. We'll even make sure that
we invite you to the board meeting to discuss this ;)


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