Application received from Rémi Cohen-Scali (Remi AT

Contact Information:
Name: Rémi Cohen-Scali
E-mail: Remi AT nickname (if any): rcoscali username (if any): rcoscali

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

Testing/debugging of desktop since 1.x
Bug fixing for several projects (nautilus, control-center, applets, and some others)
Mirroring for nautilus-tinderbox (when one existed)
Dev for gpdf

Detailed description:
Since before gnome 1.2 I used, build, test, and tried debugging desktop on Linux/x86 and Solaris/sparc. I 
also rpm packaged gnome 1.4/2.0 for Solaris 2.8 (
When the Robin Slomkowski's nautilus tinderbox started (for a while) I mirrored it on (FR). 
Since a year I work as a freelance consultant and have a little time for greater involvement in Gnome. 
I Choosed gpdf module as there was still many to do.
List of my work on gpdf is in ChangeLog
and also in a more synthetic web page

The best way I can think of findind traces of my activities is a search of rcoscali on google.
Nautilus tinderbox: Robin Slomkowski (old addrs) <robin slomkowski net> or <rslomkow rslomkow org>
About dev activity: 
Martin Kretzschmar <m_kretzschmar gmx net>
Christian Rose <menthos gnome org> suggest me this application.
Bugs on which my email appears:
I'am listed in Gnome Summary January 2004 in hackers and modules (gpdf in most active modules and rcoscali in 
most active hackers) gnome org/msg00481.html
I also found a "CVS Analysis for the GNOME project" where detailled coding activity is analysed (year 2003).
Another view hacker centered:

Other comments:
As I said before I'am now a freelancer (or at least I try) and I keep a time slice for OpenSource activities. 
Gnome is my prefered choice and I think it's now time for me to have a closer interrest on  what is/do the 
Gnome Foundation for better involvement in OpenSource.
Nevertheless thanks and keep up the good work. 


[Application received at Sun Feb 8 13:10:05 2004 (Eastern time)]

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