Application received from Stéphane Wirtel (stephane.wirtel AT

Contact Information:
Name: Stéphane Wirtel
E-mail: stephane.wirtel AT nickname (if any): matrixise username (if any): 

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

BugZilla - sometime i do some sorts with stephane wirtel belgacom net 
GNOME FR - I am a member of ( Solution Linux 2004 ).
Send some patches to rodrigo moya for libgnomedb.
I write a contacts manager for GNOME.

Detailed description:
GNOME FR : Member of GnomeFR : On the GNOME Booth ( during the three days ).
gContacts : - This software is a small address book manager, 
based on libgda and libgnomedb.

Gnome-DB : Some patches for rodrigo.

BUGZILLA : I have my account stephane wirtel belgacom net - and i have some permissions to sort.

Gael Chamoulaud (strider [mlview,GNOME FR]) | Dodji Sekeleti (Dodji [mlview,libcroco]) | Daniel Veillard ( DV 
- [libxml, rpmfind]) | Christophe Fergeau ( teuf - [gnome-vfs]) | Rodrigo Moya ( rodrigo - 
[libgda,libgnomedb]) | Laurent Sansonetti ( lrz - [ruby-gnome] ) | Christophe Merlet ( redfox - 
[] )

Other comments:
in the future, i want to become an active gnome developer. I have some patches for Rodrigo Moya and 
libgnomedb and libgda.

I write an application to manage many databases from one interface. this application is gcontacts, and is 
hosted on

[Application received at Sun Feb 8 18:43:08 2004 (Eastern time)]

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