Renewals (again)

Hi there

I'm about to send mails to members who have their membership end before
the elections (i.e. before December 15th).

Here's a sample of the mail, please send your comments before Monday
(some memberships end on Tuesday...). Is it correct english ?

I may add something like : "please send your renewal application before
the elections if you want to be assured to be able to vote". What do you
think ?

Oh, yeah : as there hasn't been any change in the by-laws, the renewed
memberships will end in two years.

(Note that the sample is for my membership, which do not end before next
year, so don't pay attention to the date in the mail :-)).

Ok, now here's the sample :

Dear Vincent Untz,

It is time to renew your GNOME Foundation Membership, which started (or
was last renewed) on 2002-09-18 and lasted two years.

When you originally signed up, you stated your contribution to GNOME

GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee, Bug Squad, GnomeICU

If you are still contributing to GNOME, please review the criteria at and consider using
the form at to reapply.
Please remember to check the box to indicate you are an existing member.
If your renewal is accepted, your membership will be extended for two

If you don't want to renew your membership, please consider supporting
us through the Friends of GNOME program, details of which are available

Thanks for your interest,

The GNOME Foundation Memebership Committee


Les gens heureux ne sont pas presses.

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