Application received from Ali Akcaagac (aliakc web de)

Contact Information:
Name: Ali Akcaagac
E-mail: aliakc web de nickname (if any): oGALAXYo username (if any): 

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

Balsa, Galeon, GDM2, CVSGnome, Atlantis, ... countless patches there and here ...

Detailed description:
I was a long time contributor to Balsa eMail client a few years back with many contributions to it such as 
Toolbar icons changes which also affected a hunge part of code changes, general code changes in Balsa, 
Bugfixes and enchancement. As a proof you can verify this in the Authors list.

I was also interested in Galeon for a long time in it's beginning state, contributed the Bookmarks backup 
system to it which always recursively backuped the Bookmarks on change so in worst case you could revert back 
to the normal default. Also contributed a bunch of other stuff to it like patches and general stuff. 
Re-Worked the EmbedGetkMozilla patch a few times to suite the needs for new Mozilla interface to Galeon and 
so on.

GDM2 I spent a few days fixing some memoryleaks that I found while scanning through the code but well I 
shouldn't have named GDM2 here it just came into my mind. There are definately many more projects that I 
contributed over the years, some stuff there, some stuff here. Well my name simply float around on various 
ChangeLogs it's simple to check that up.

I am also author of CVSGnome one of the leading bigger GNOME Buildscripts that many users prefer these days 
to build GNOME. This is a big contribution to GNOME which takes a lot of time and care to keep it up to date 
and enchanced since it deals with CVS and Tarballs. Well I think almost everyone heard of CVSGnome already 
because I maintain it for over 3 years now:

Atlantis is my biggest baby that I am working on. It's a simply Web browser based upton GtkHTML2. I did this 
only for fun and in my spare time to learn more about the GTK+/GNOME API and to learn more about the huge 
changes that went into GNOME the last couple of years. Well you know it's not always easy keeping oneself up 
to date with information when you are not sitting down and acutally use the libraries API to do some code.

In case you require more stuff from me then feel free to reply and I tar a bunch of patches up for 
verification :---)

Alex Duggan <aldug no_spam astrolinux com> (

Christophe Fergeau <teuf no_spam users sourceforge net> (galeon,French translation)

Marco Pesenti Gritti <marco no_spam it gnome org> (Galeon)

Telsa Gwynne <hobbit no_spam aloss ukuu org uk> (some docs, random advocacy, bug report madness, board member 
and release team member)

George Lebl <jirka no_spam 5z com> (Panel, Applets, libgnome*, gdm2, gob, gnome-utils, Czech Translations)

Kjartan Maraas <kmaraas no_spam gnome org> (1.4 release guy, i18n, docs, [www,developer], various 
other stuff)

Michael Meeks <michael no_spam ximian com> (ORBit2, linc, libbonobo[ui], bonobo-activation, at-spi, 
libgail-gnome, gnumeric, nautilus...)

Christian Neumair <chris no_spam gnome-de org> (German translation,Gnumeric)

Padraig O'Briain <padraig obriain no_spam sun com> (maintainer of atk & gail, accessibility patches)

Liam Quin <liam no_spam holoweb net> (nuisance, spiritual guidance, documentation, XML help, advocacy)

Pawel Salek <pawsa no_spam theochem kth se> (Balsa)

Andrew Sobala <andrew no_spam sobala net> (bug squad)

Owen Taylor <otaylor no_spam redhat com> (gtk, pango)

Luis Villa <louie no_spam ximian com> (Bugzilla maintainer,improvements)

Other comments:
Ok please bear with me, english is not my native language. In case you require more information such as 
ChangeLog entries then feel free to contact me.

[Application received at Thu Sep 25 20:12:26 2003 (Eastern time)]

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