Application received from Xan López Saborido (xan masilla org)

Contact Information:
Name: Xan López Saborido
E-mail: xan masilla org nickname (if any): xan username (if any): xan

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:


Detailed description:
I've contributed some code (87 commits since I have cvs access, no more than 4000 or 5000 lines) to the 
epiphany project since it was made public. Mostly bugfixes, small enhancements and polishing rough edges 
(marco was kind enough to mention me in the 2.4 release notes).
I've also sent some patches to rhythmbox and totem, although they are not official GNOME modules (yet?).

Marco Pesenti (marco gnome org), Epiphany module maintainer;

Other comments:

[Application received at Wed Sep 24 11:16:06 2003 (Eastern time)]

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