Re: references for Bruce Perens

        I have sent this out this morning, only to the out-dated alias.
        Here is the info for Bruce Perens from Miguel.


P.S. I have sent out this mail before I got Mike's resignation. I hope
I am not being insensitive here :)

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Hi All,
        I got the reply back from Miguel concerning Bruce Perens.
        I like his attitute which off course in some ways are in 
        'slight' contention with the objectives of this committee.
        Personally, I would vote Yes for Bruce Perens based on the what
        Miguel has said below, 'public support for Gnome'.
        On another point is that if we are being too strict, we might
        by the definitions of the rules rejected people like Miguel
        because one has not contributed in Gnome over the last two years :)
        Of course our professionalism should dictate that we are fair
        across all applications.

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      The GNOME foudation membership committee has diversifying views on the 
application of Bruce Peres. Since he has listed you as the primary contact, 
committee would like you to list the contributions that he has made for the 
GNOME community in recent times. 

I have been mostly focused on Mono and Gtk# over the past year, so it is
hard for me to tell.  I do not keep track of the contributions people do
even at Ximian to Gnome, so it is hard for me to tell.

Bruce has always given public support to Gnome, and still does at
various conferences where he is a speaker, and got a lot of the Debian
support behind Gnome in the early days.  His views are respected by lots
of people.  So you could say that Bruce is important for that reason.

That being said, I have always felt that Gnome was a nice, warm
community, and that despite the precise rules for admitting people, we
should loosen things up for people who were instrumental to the
existence of Gnome. 

Ignoring the Bruce issue in particular, you do not want to ever give
people the feeling that they were left out, or that they no longer
belong to a community.  If you want to keep nurturing the community, in
any case, you want to make them feel closer, because in reality they
are.  They might not necessarily contribute code every day, but it is a
little chunk of their brain that we are all using.  

Best wishes,

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Ghee Teo

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Ghee Teo

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