Re: Calendar for the GNOME Foundation elections

Le Mon, 14 Oct 2002 12:55:59 +0100 (IST), Ghee Seng Teo a ecrit :

Hi Vincent,

      Cool stuff!

Here's a first draft for the elections announcement. There is some
cut & paste from last year announcement. It's not totally perfect:
for example, we should tell how many seats there will be (but that's
not decided yet)

      I don't hear any suggestion to change it. So most likely to be
      the same as before, 11.

Miguel: could you confirm or correct this ? I don't want to send a mail
saying there will be 11 seats and correct this later. Btw, Andy noticed
that I forgot Miguel as a membership committee member in the
announcement mail. That was not intentional (I made a copy & paste from
a file in the gnome-foundation module). I was wondering whether I should
add you to the list of membership committee member in this mail : do you
plan to stay in the committee or is it just something temporary ? 
I'd like to update the rules on before sending
it. I was planning to send the announcement to foundation-announce
and foundation-list. Do we have to send it anywhere else ?

      The page at definitely need to be updated
      and with the last year stuff taken off.

I made archives for last year elections. The pages for the upcoming
elections should be okay now.


P.S. The membership committe should response with proposal forwarded
by Telsa last Friday before the board meet again this week if
possible.[ sepaking to myself too: I will try to do it today ;) ]

Is it the result of the phone call ? I should have answered it this
week-end, but I totally forgot. When will the board meet ?


Les gens heureux ne sont pas presses.

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