Re: Confusing instructions for voting


Le Mon, 02 Dec 2002 10:47:54 -0500, Richard Stallman a ecrit :

    Simply replying to this e-mail and choosing up to 11 candidates
    should be enough to vote. This means that you should delete all
    other candidates from your reply.

"Simply replying" means I start with an empty message body and enter
the response I want to send.  However, the words "delete all other
candidates" seem to suggest I am starting from something that is not

I guess the problem here is the use of "reply". I thought (and I still
think, but I may be mistaken) that "replying" usually means answering an
e-mail and quoting the e-mail which is being answered. I agree that, if
we can, we should cover more than the "usually" case.

I think it would be useful to make this explicit in the instructions.

Could you give us an example of making this explicit ? I can't find a
better way to formulate this. Maybe "reply with the quote of this
e-mail". Improving the instructions for future elections is a good thing
to do.



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