Re: Middle scroll bar: get position from mouse instead of cursor?

On 2014-09-17, Grant Edwards <grant b edwards gmail com> wrote:

I have the exact same problem.  I scroll down through a "batch" of
diffs, and when I get to the bottom I hit the "next" button.  And I
find myself jumped "up" rather than "down" (which I what I always seem
to expect).  Usually, I immediately realize what's happened, but not
always -- and then I'm puzzled for a few seconds until it dawns on me
_again_ what happened.

I think I know why this behavior always startles me.  The editor I use
99% of the time is emacs (and has been for decades).  In emacs, the
cursor is always on the screen -- it's not possible for it to be above
or below the visible portion of the file.  When you scroll down in the
file, the cursor gets dragged along with the viewing window. Expection
of that behavior seems to be so deeply ingrained in me that meld's
behavior is always going to be a surprise.

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