Re: Middle scroll bar: get position from mouse instead of cursor?

On 2014-09-17, Scott Kostyshak <skostysh princeton edu> wrote:

I look at the differences in the first cluster by navigating with
normal scroll until I get to the end of the cluster. Then my instinct
is to use "diff-scroll" to get to the next cluster, but because the
mouse didn't move on normal scroll, Meld takes me up instead of down,
to the second difference in the first cluster. All I need to do is
remember to click before I diff-scroll and it does what I want. I
have trouble remembering this though.

I have the exact same problem.  I scroll down through a "batch" of
diffs, and when I get to the bottom I hit the "next" button.  And I
find myself jumped "up" rather than "down" (which I what I always seem
to expect).  Usually, I immediately realize what's happened, but not
always -- and then I'm puzzled for a few seconds until it dawns on me
_again_ what happened.

Like you said, all you need to do is remember to click in the window
to relocate the cursor before hitting the "next" button.  But I never

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