Re: Meld on Windows

On Sat, Mar 22, 2014 at 9:34 PM, Kai Willadsen <kai willadsen gmail com> wrote:
On 22 March 2014 09:48, Angel Ezquerra <angel ezquerra gmail com> wrote:
This is awesome news!

I hope to test the MSI installers as soon as they are available.

I don't have any immediate plans to release 3.11.1, but there should
be an MSI installer that accompanies that.

For me, the main issue I have with Meld on windows is that there are
quite a few graphical glitches when you scroll the file views quickly
(using the scrollbar). I have not experienced this same problem on
Linux so I guess it is specific to the Windows builds.

That's *probably* (but only probably) GTK itself. We do a bunch of
weird drawing though, so it could be us. Are you using Meld 1.8.x or
3.11.0? There's basically no chance of me looking into non-critical
1.8.x issues at this stage.

I have not tried the latest meld version yet. When I do I will let you
know if the problem is gone.



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