Re: Meld not working on Mac

2011/9/10 Samuel Yin @ 163 <samuel yin 163 com>:
> From the end user perspective, I tend to think the best way to support Mac
> is providing some binary that can be used on Mac directly instead of having
> the end user to install some other tool set like Fink/Macport.
> By the way, Meld is really great tool. I always expect that some day I can
> use it freely in Mac OS besides Ubuntu.

I'd love to have this happen, and I've tried before. It's just hard. I
had another go at it over the weekend, and got something that almost
half-worked, so it's not out of the question that there could be a app
bundle version of Meld in the future.

If anyone has experiences with packaging Gtk+/Python stuff on OS X,
please speak up. I could use the help.


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