Re: Patch queue

> I think the other plugins could go in before a release, because there
> should be no regression for something we didn't previously support.
> OK, a bad interaction with multiple-VC could probably cause a
> regression somewhere. So I'll let you decide, but if you want them,
> I'll need to port them to current meld code base, as they are
> dependent upon other modifications I still have not committed.
> Maybe it'll be better if we release early without further new functionality,
> only fix the last bugs we want in, and then go wild after that...

Backporting is essentially a dead end so unless you're keen, I'd wait.
But if you are keen I'm happy to include it too.

> Perfect with me, do you need some specific help for the release ?

There's a little cleanup left in the findbar - to enable the previous and
replace all buttons. Also what to do about the scrollbars? In some ways
the diffmap-in-scrollbar is better than the old ones, but on the other hand
I'm planning toreplace them all with a single scrollbar asap.

Hopefully I'll get a few hours on Monday and will make a checklist.
We should probably have a page on the gnome wiki for this kind of thing.

> So I'll commit the batch of patches already sent for review, and wait
> after the release for the next ones. OK with that ?



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