Re: Patch queue

> I would like to know what to do with all the patches I sent for review,

I think they're all good to go unless you've heard any explicit dissent.
(i.e. the split filtertext message :))

> I have other patches to send but some of them depend on the
> previous batch. For example preliminary plugins for: prcs, arx,
> svk & fossil, perforce & patch file. (for which I have a test setup)

Excellent, though I'd like to see some testing before these go in
as we're so close to a release. The one exception is I'd love to see
patch support and volunteer myself for testing. I'm sure there are
more people who'd be interested too.

> I have cleanups & factorizations in VC, filename-based VC plugins,
> fixes for current VC plugins wrt diffing multiple files & launching diff
> on the repo root, migration to subprocess everywhere (with
> factorization of lots of code), diff only modified files, cleanups, the
> VC unittest work...
> Do you want to make a release before all of that happen ?

Yes, I'd be wary of sweeping changes, especially as it has been so
brittle in the past.


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