To be clear, I'm not asking about sorting the file lists in mc.

I'm asking about sorting lines of text in **mcedit.** In mc, hit F4 on a text file, you're in mcedit.

There's an options menu, that contains a sort command that will sort selected lines of text (text line selection is done with F3.) The default order was reversed from what I needed. I found that entering "-r" in the dialog reversed the mcedit text sort. I found this -r option by outright guessing. I could not find any documentation on this at all.

So what I'm asking is, where is the documentation for what can be fed into that dialog in order to make more sophisticated text sorts in mcedit. Such as the -r reverse option I lucked into. Failing that, someone familiar with the mcedit source code could perhaps explain how it actually works by actually examining the source code.

I have no issue with the sorting of file lists in mc. This is about mcedit text sorts, in the editor, and nothing else.


On Thu, May 26, 2022 at 5:56 AM Anony Mous <fyngyrz gmail com> wrote:

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