Re: keymap problem with 4.8.27

On 11/11/2021 11:14, Andrew Borodin wrote:

Before bind a key to another action you should unbind it.
f1 key is bound to for Help action.
ctrl-f is bound to Right action in the command line, which is input line.

Please create ~/.config/mc/mc.keymap with following content:

~/.config/mc/mc.keymap is a link to mz own keymap


This alone was the game changer. Nothing else necessary. Now everything works perfectly.

Instead of [filemanager] my keymap had [main]. Maybe from an older mc version.

# unbind a key (was: Help = f1)
Help =
# bind f1 to the new action
HotList = f1
# bind ctrl-f to the new action
Find = ctrl-f

# unbind ctrl-f (was: Right = right; alt-right; ctrl-f)

I have removed all additional keys, making Left = left, Right =  right etc.

Right = right; alt-right

Unfortunately, after that ctrl-f will not work in all input lines.

What would I try to achieve now with ctrl-f in input lines?

Thanks a lot for making my keys work again.


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