Re: keymap problem with 4.8.27

Am 10.11.21 um 19:24 schrieb Henning:
Part of the keys are mine, part are not.
Especially I'm unable to prevent f1 to call the internal Help. I had banned it to f20 because I never use it. Instead I Use f1 to invoke the hotlist becaus ctrl-\ not usable with german keyboard layout.
Also, I invoked search with ctrl-f because alt-? is not usable here.
But it doesn't work any more.

I replaced every keymap file (in /etc/mc, /root/.config/mc and /usr/share/mc) with a link to my keymap and also copied default.keymaps
out of the way, but to no avail.

So, currently I am changing keymap.c to use my keys. Of course this shouldn't be necessary.


P.S. I really appreciate your work on mc. I came to mc directly from DOS Norton Commander n the end of the 90s and have it used ever since in whatever Linux/Unix installation. It is, together with bash and sed one of the programmes I always ensure to have and I always compile myself.

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it will not touch your other problems but i have german utf8-xfce4-terminal and german latin1-putty terminals running. In both cases ctrl-\ works in mc calling hotlist. First pressing ctrl, then add altgr and then the ß?-key right from 0 on a german keybord.

Your P.S. could be written by me...



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