Re: Any missed features?

I have one suggestion that should be minor but which irritates me.

When coping or moving file from one director to another and it exists in target directory the text box pops up with file name and choices. However depending on file name length the position of those choices moves.  So if saying "no" to operation on files with longish names then a file with short name comes up, the "no" box position becomes "yes", a bit too quick clicking on mouse and oops. Similarly when a long file name comes up. "yes" can become "no"

What I am trying to explain is the selection boxes are "left justified" but would be better "center justified" as is the file name.



On 16/02/21 12:30 pm, Sebastian Gniazdowski via mc wrote:
I'm going to have some free time in the upcoming few days, so I'm looking for an idea to work/code on, so I thought that I'll ask: are there any features missed in MC?

Sebastian Gniazdowski

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