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Sebastian, In mc, when I press enter on a Squashfs file it doesn't open.  A feature that looks would be easy to add is VFS support for Squashfs files as suggested in ticket #3147, since the author had already got it working.  I implemented what was shown and it worked very nicely.  I can provide the details (its an old ticket so wasn't exactly as shown) for you.  Link to ticket: #3147 (Virtual Squashfs Support) – Midnight Commander

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For mc and mcedit the features I wish most for are

I would like to be able to mark a number of files in mc and then press F3 or F4 to open mcedit for all the marked ones would be a great enhancement.  Currently it will open the one its positioned on, but not the others.  I don't think that has been requested that I noticed. 

In mcedit I wish the files dialog box would list files and directories for me to select some or even one to edit.  There is an open issue requesting this already.  

If any help is needed testing etc, I would be happy to...

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Subject: Any missed features?

I'm going to have some free time in the upcoming few days, so I'm looking for an idea to work/code on, so I thought that I'll ask: are there any features missed in MC?

Sebastian Gniazdowski

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