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solarflow99 via mc composed on 2019-02-08 14:09 (UTC-0500):

Gilberto F wrote:

    Since when I started using Linux around the 2000s I use mc. I can
    not use Linux if mc is not installed on it. I'm having a hard time
    using mc in Debian 9.x. I browse the directories and when I leave
    the mc I go back to the directory where I called mc. In Slackware,
    mc behaves differently. When I leave the mc I stay in the last
    visited directory.

There is a setting under Options -> Panel Options -> Auto save panels setup

I don't think that has anything to do with it. I see the same difference in exit location among
various distros, never have figured out what controlled it, but always have had everything labeled
auto save disabled. Could this be one of those differences between dash (Debian) and bash
(elsewhere)? On openSUSE, /usr/share/mc/mc-wrapper-sh has one more line than Debian. Both have
variables containing the string PWD, which I gather could have something to do with start and/or
exit location.
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