goto %lineno with Tilde as external editor/viewer

When I use Find file to get a list of files containing a string, if I am using the internal viewer and press F3 on a file from the list it opens the file in the viewer and positions me on the line number it found the string at, but when I use Tilde, it tries to open the line number itself as a file.  I waant to use Tilde as my viewer because I am using it as my editor, and I want the functionality between the viewer and editor to be consistent, only differing in the ability to change and save.

Tilde can view or edit the file and uses a syntax of:

tilde %filename:%lineno

Note the colon ":" between the filename and line number to go to

How can I configure Midnight Commander to run tilde passing the parameter that way?

Based on a post from 2015
Re: External editor with parameters not working?

I added this to my ~/.config/mc/ini but it didn't help:

[External editor or viewer parameters]

Please tell me how to make this work?


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