use of graphics characters recently disabled in xterm

I have recently done some upgrades, keeping current with slackware-64-current. And what has happened is that suddenly MC started to print funny characters around the panels instead of printing vertical and horizontal lines. This happens only in an xterm, not in the console terminal where all remains OK. The command mc -a replaces the straight lines with vertical and horizontal dashes, but that does not look nearly so nice.

Oh, I should also say that this happens only on my home machine which has an AMD processor and on-board ATI video. It does not happen on the machine at my office, which is an Intel CPU with on-board Intel graphics. The two machines both run slackware-64-current and as far as I know the two machines have exactly the same list of distro packages installed.

The only thing I can think of is that something in the options for xterm needs to be changed, but I have no clue about what that magic option might be. Or, it could possibly be some library which deals with graphics and is somehow broken on an AMD-based machine.

I am pretty much guessing, of course, but to fix the problem would be nice. Anyone have an idea?

Theodore Kilgore

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