Midnight Commander 4.8.17 released


I'm glad to announce the availability of mc-4.8.17!

This is a maintenance release that includes bugfixes for a bunch of very
annoying bugs that surfaced in the previous version (FISH, patchfs,
segfault and tcsh detection on FreeBSD) and brings several new features.

Copy & move operations now use an adaptive buffer, just like the
corresponding coreutils commands, which will significantly improve the
performance (hopefully!) for many of our users. Move to the new
high-level mouse API has not only simplified our code, but also resolved
a number of long-standing mouse bugs. Finally, the new panel centered
scrolling mode is weird, but fun; try it out!

For a detailed list of changes since the last version, please refer to
the release notes.

Download page: http://ftp.midnight-commander.org/?C=N;O=D
Release notes: http://www.midnight-commander.org/wiki/NEWS-4.8.17

As usual, I would like to thank tireless Andrew Borodin, and our
contributors Andreas Mohr, Mooffie and many others for making this
release possible. We still have an enormous backlog of tickets and
patches, but we are working on it as time permits, one patch at a time.

Have a great summer break everyone! 

Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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