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Hi, I'm using MC 4.8.1 in Linux Mint.
I know there are much more recent versions available, and multiple bugs have been fixed. But before I go looking for a package to upgrade my machines, I'd like to know if bugd have been solved in the file copy progress display and the inconsistancy in the move display?

I'm talking about the case where a copy of a dir tree encounters allready existing files and a choice is required. When the user selects any of the skip options (ex: skip all when different size), the estimates for completion go all wrong.

The solution is a simple one (reduce total files counter and substract size from total file size), but nobody seems to program it.

And then it would also be usefull to have the files/dirs copied in the same order as the users' display order (ex: alphabetically ignoring case).

And the option should exist that the move should remove source files when they are done. At least we gain disk space BEFORE the complete tree has been moved.

I've done some programming (decades ago) but am completely unfamiliar with the tools used today and in this project, or I'd at least would have tried.
Anyone tempted ?

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