Re: mc tip

Hi Zoli,

Well I just installed tmux and it looks interesting. If you could give
me some tips and smart ways of using it then please do. I can get up to
speed faster that way. I think I understand the point of it, maybe. 

Is it a way to switch between various terminal windows instead of
needing to open other windows to perform other terminal tasks?

BTW, I've used ssh and set up nfs connections to my NAS. Nothing too
complicated but still not a complete novice user. But it takes time to
investigate and learn and overcome problems by myself. That is why I've
decided to start reaching out and establishing a little network of
people that can help me do things. That is why I'm starting to email
via the mc email system.

There are so many things that I need to learn and the faster the
better. It would be good to have another enthusiast living nearby, but
I don't know anybody who is into linux living in Abu Dhabi (as I do).

Thanks for the tip. 


On Sat, 2015-11-21 at 19:28 +0200, Kertész Zoltán wrote:
Hi Bryce,

No further tips from me, this is pretty much the only customization I
make to mc, I am not really a power user in this regard.
If you happen to be working with more remote boxes (or just one) you
might find useful a program called tmux, it is a terminal multiplexer
akin to GNU screen, it is the second program for me to install after
mc on every fresh Linux. Else I use Emacs, not religiously fervently
on this side (you may know about the Emacs versus vi/vim text editor
wars, it is actually a matter of faith sort of thing).

I use Gnome, but version 3 runs in version 2 fallback mode as my
laptop is a really old one with a not too bright chipset (it is
an adventure to get any window manager to work), and alternatively
StumpWM, it is rather simple with a  terminal-feel window manager.
When all else fails this one works like a charm, however it is not
really suited for users accustomed to traditional window managers.
would be a secondary option in case of a stronger machine. I tend to
be pleased with simple things nowadays.

Alldabest :)


On Sat, Nov 21, 2015 at 7:08 PM, Bryce Martin <bryce martin gmx com>
Hi Zoli,

Thanks for the tip. I just made it and it works nicely. Please keep
tips coming.

I'm teaching my wife to use mc and Gnome. I'm going to install it
her computer when I get around to backing up and sorting out all
files. She actually sees how to use it and is impressed.

What desktop do you use?


On Sat, 2015-11-21 at 19:00 +0200, Kertész Zoltán wrote:
Hi :)

I'd like to share one tip regarding mc.

mc is the first program always to install on a new Linux, and the
following setting is the first to make to mc once installed.

Navigate to Options/Panel options and there (on the top right) at
Navigation tick "Lynx-like motion".

What this does it activates the navigation within mc with the
arrow keys (up and down the tree, left is out of and right is
into a
folder). It is called Lynx-like motion as the Lynx text based
has this - I have to admit - really intuitive way of navigating.
comes extremely handy on headless systems, speeding up getting
in mc. I found that this is really handy, try it and see if you
it useful too :)



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