Why Panelise can't constrain search-space?

If you panelise a search: file & contents; you intuitively think that the
panelised output represents the search-space, for a further search, as it's
always done before. But NO! You won't be searching the panelised files.

So what's the point of collecting the find-set in a panel?
OK, you can view/edit them.
And you could manually search each one.
[BTW why doesn't mc 'keep' the search-string like old DOS:nc does?]

Probably it's not viable to search the panelised set; since
if there's 1'000, you'd need a link-farm, because they are scattered,
instead of being constrained to a dir-tree.

I've tried copying the panelised set to a temp-dir, and searching that.
But I ended up using eg:---
echo ' Fnd3StrngsD DaysOld Str1 Str2 Str3 DirTree'

    find $5 -type f -ctime -$1 -print0 | \
    xargs -0 grep -l $2 | tr "\n" "\0" | \
    xargs -0 grep -l $3 | tr "\n" "\0" | \
    xargs -0 grep -l $4

OK: the newer `mc` on rPi shows "PANELISED"<dir>.
So you are warned that what-you-see is NOT what-you-get,
unlike on my older Slak13-version, where you get bad surprises.

== Thanks for mc.

PS. are there any menu-based / syntax-directed 'programmers';
the next stage beyond syntax-colouring ?

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