Re: mc Digest, Vol 116, Issue 11

Re. Visaual & scrolling:
If you like mc, it's because you want VISUAL: where you just recogni
instead of needing to remember, and the 2 panels allow you to see
Then you'll like linux:wily = based on plan9:acme = based on Oberon;
which is also TextUserInterface, and even more visual.
You can have multiple-screens simultaneously visible.
And not chaotically placed like M$windows.
And any text visble anywhere is 'live': depending on what
mouse-chord you klux it with. And ....
BTW nothing can replace mc.
Unfortunately for me, wily was designed with the scrolling up/down
to use the opposite direction to Oberon -- my old workhorse.
So I get conflicting reflexes, when I change between Oberon & wily.
I've read that during WWII, the German & allied aircraft throttles
were 'reverse directeded'; which caused accidents.
I don't 'do' C, but I patched wily's *.c to reverse the left/right
mouse for scrolling direction; but the `select & scroll` is now wron
So if any body knows the algorithm for <when selection reaches
 bottom/top; the frame must scroll up/down [my wrong condition is
 dowm/up] > please let me know.


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