Re: Replace/RE/All = seg-error !?

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Subject: Re: Replace/RE/All = seg-error !?

On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 05:52:59PM -0500, tooth pik wrote:
I suspect a large percentage of mc users configure mc to use
vim for internal edits.

I can't speak for others, but ... eww. No, I do not, will not.

I for one don't, no -- since I can seamlessly configure mc to
use vim as the internal editor, which has spellchecking,
syntax highlighting, and is arguably the most powerful and
user configurable editor in the world, why would I even think
about using mc's editor?

You spent a lot of time learning those vi commands. You had to
retrain yourself to know that you can't just start typing in your
editor, you have to put it in insert mode first.

Sure, after such a long time as a Unix user I have had to learn the
basic vi skills. I still hate it.

All we had at college in 88-90 was VI - eeek!
 - some weird combination of keys to move about the screen.

I'm very happy with cooledit and especially it's syntax highlighting!

my 2c worth

Kind Regards,



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