Re: Replace/RE/All = seg-error !?

Why didn't I get a reply to this query:
-> mc -> F4 -> Replace
Replace using RegExp: \[[0-9]+\]
  with <space>
I haven't had seg-errors lately, with small files.
And what about the spell check?
Doesn't anybody ever use it.
== Chris Glur.

On 10/10/13, chris glur <crglur gmail com> wrote:
I need to clean-up text fetched by lynx/links, by
removing the numbered links.
Eg.     * 2.4 [11]What is the Challenge of the TUNES Project?
     * 2.5  [12]Couldn't  TUNES  be  just a normal application running
should automatically replace both:
"[11]" and "[12]". So using Edit/Replace with the
RE facility, I use: \[[0-9]*\]
\[ = an open bracket
[0-9] = any element of the set "0" thru "9"
* = zero or more times-repeated
\] = closing bracket.
It usually works. But sometimes I get <seg error>.
That seems to be on bigger files.
And it seems that if it seg-errors ONCE, it will
also seg-error on the next/different file.

BTW, does the new version still have bad-arrow-keys
after exiting <spell check> ?

== TIA.

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