Re: Replace/RE/All = seg-error !?

On Thu, Oct 24, 2013 at 02:57:27PM +0200, chris glur wrote:
OK then: list the steps to remove all the
RE:  \[[0-9]+\]
from the textfile, using `vim`.

sir yes sir!  right away sir!

it would be something along the lines of


vim has one of the best help systems of any application you'll ever use,
so by issuing 

    :h :g

you can go directly to the help for :g, the g[lobal] command

if you are new to vim you might want to take the time to walk through
the tutorial -- admittedly vim has a learning curve but I can promise
time spent learning it will be time well spent

    :h vimtutor

or just


will get you going

happy editing...

_|_ _  __|_|_ ._ o|  
 |_(_)(_)|_| ||_)||< 

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