Re: Does anybody here use mc's : mail -s <subject> -c <cc> <to> ?

|I don't know if mc will do mail or not -- if you are looking for
|something sensible why not use mutt?  I can verify mutt can send and
|receive gmail, having become disenchanted with the service provided by
|my ISP.  You'll want to be sure to use the sendmail provided by
|postfix (just install postfix:  it'll de-install the old sendmail if
|it's there).  You'll need google's certificates:  there's a good
|(well, usable) set of instructions on setting it all up at:


OK thanks, I'll check that; but apparently mutt won't scroll it's
mail-directory, unless it's on-line. Which is absurd for me.
My on-line time is expensive.
My proper system [ETHOberon] which I could use before the local ISPs collapsed
could fetch the articles-directory with one-shot. And at any time LATER when
going on-line again, could fetch or delete [from the ISP's server] any article
in the local directory, with one shot.  The item was deleted from the local
directory, when the ISP-deletion was signalled as done.

Since mutt doesn't do any of the transport/fetching, and manipulation of
the files, eg. for extracting/modifying parts is less transparent than mc,
mutt seems to add no value for me. I need to have access to the article-dir
that I downloaded [and paid for] yesterday, to fetch/delete any article

|fetchmail will pull gmail Inbox contents down to your pc where mu
|can display in threads, and allow you to compose replies in vim, all
|very efficient.

Admittedly my old system didn't thread the mails; but fetching and displaying
the article-dir is trivial. And the rest of mutt's job is done more
transparently by mc.

|> gmail needs TLS/SSL
|> Is TLS/SSL a part of `sendmail`, or will `sendmail` call TLS/SSL?
|postfix's sendmail will use it if you tell it to, and get those
|certificates installed

That's the main punishment.

Thanks for the input.

== Chris Glur.

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