Re: set default case insensitive?

Le 2013-08-16 à 02:21, Felix Miata a écrit:
On 2013-08-16 09:08 (GMT+0400) Andrew Borodin composed:

You can read the "Key-value file parser" section of the GLib manual
for details.

I'm not a programmer. Is 'man glib' what you're referring to? Search
for string "key-value" in man glib gets pattern not found. It

$ man -K "key-value"

quick_search_case_sensitive is not a boolean key. This numeric
value matched with the Options/Panel options.../Quick search case.

Again you lost me
While several options of MC require a boolean value to be valid,
quick_search_case doesn't since there are three possible choices.
cf. Panel Options, "Quick search" area.
The range of valid values is 0-2. A value of 2 means
quick_search_case is set to "Use panel sort mode".

 If you use cat or less instead of grep, you see that
keys with same name are in different sections.

I get lost in ini files that aren't kept sorted by the app that
writes them. That's one reason why I used grep. Normally I just F3.

But by picking grep, you have to be aware that the output might be
misleading if you use a too simple command - you take the risk of
outputting misleading data, since grepping just a string with no
option doesn't output context (the sections where the grepped
string is). 

Here's a better one using egrep:
$ egrep '(\[.*\]|case)' ini just greps anything between square brackets as well as "case".

For what reason(s) are identical names reused in different sections?

Then with the section names in the egrep output, you see that both
case_sensitive options match with the directory sorting of each panel,
which isn't what you're looking for.

Still from the egrep output, you can see both of your case sensitive
options for finding files in the [FindFile] section. Those however are
expecting a boolean value.

Hope this helps.


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