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Felix Miata wrote:

On 2013-08-15 13:48 (GMT+0400) Andrew Borodin composed:

> On Thu, 15 Aug 2013 04:37:55 -0400 Felix Miata wrote:

>> Looking through ini there are several lines containing string case. Some are
>> true/false, but others use numbers.

> True and 1 are same, false and 0 too.

Makes perfect sense. True=yes=1=OK, False=no=0=nack. More situations should accept
the full set. The problem I have is seeing any other number....

You can read the "Key-value file parser" section of the GLib manual for details.

I'm not a programmer. Is 'man glib' what you're referring to? Search for string "key-value" in man glib gets pattern not found. It probably wouldn't have mattered. I learn far better from examples and experimentation, little via Linux man pages' typical dearth of examples to illustrate their prose.

quick_search_case_sensitive is not a boolean key. This numeric value matched with the
Options/Panel options.../Quick search case.

Again you lost me, maybe because the only MC search I know is anything but quick, the one in the middle section of the main menu, find file. The man page speaks of quick search in file panel, which makes no sense to me, since whatever is in a panel is something I'm normally looking at and able to locate without help from a search tool.

$ grep case ini

Why the duplication?

Looks like trolling from you.

Not everyone learns from man pages like programmers apparently must. I'm a mere mortal user.

 If you use cat or less instead of grep, you see that
keys with same name are in different sections.

I get lost in ini files that aren't kept sorted by the app that writes them. That's one reason why I used grep. Normally I just F3. Avoiding needing to choose tools heavily used by those who are not OFM users is yet another reason to use MC in the first place. I do so much with MC I don't get much chance to learn any of the fine points of choosing or using things cmdline.

For what reason(s) are identical names reused in different sections?

I have another system booted now (again, 4.8.9), and grep case ini gets only the line with the 2. Still somehow find file assumes I prefer case sensitive enabled for both content and filename, even though I virtually always deselect both before proceeding with a search. This installation has two appearances of case_sensitive in panels.ini, making it even more confusing how or whether it may be possible to make case sensitivity go away and stay away. Maybe I could boot something else, change all 1's to 0's, then chattr +i ini and panels.ini, and try to remember, and find time, to copy them to the 100+ systems & users that need case insensitivity in most searches?

MC before seemed rather less frustrating to use.
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