Re: set default case insensitive?

On 2013-08-15 13:48 (GMT+0400) Andrew Borodin composed:

On Thu, 15 Aug 2013 04:37:55 -0400 Felix Miata wrote:

Looking through ini there are several lines containing string case. Some are
true/false, but others use numbers.

True and 1 are same, false and 0 too.

Makes perfect sense. True=yes=1=OK, False=no=0=nack. More situations should accept the full set. The problem I have is seeing any other number....

Is there something that can be done to make case insensitive by default,
opposite what it is now?

Case insensitive by default where?

Aka case sensitive = off. Find File, for both file name and for content.

$ grep case ini

Why the duplication?
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