Re: Remapping keyboard shortcuts

2012-10-01 Andrew Borodin <aborodin vmail ru>:

Hi Andrew

I'm not familiar with terminal setup, but seems ctrl-j cannot be
used in mc because it is intercepted by terminal. Terminal gets
ctrl-j and sends NL to the program.

I don't think it's a terminal issue. To verify that I mapped the
commands alt-i and alt-o to Up and Down. There keys are definitely
interpreted by MC. What I did:

Down = ctrl-j; alt-i
Up = ctrl-k; alt-o

and I removed all other bindings to ctrl-j, ctrl-k, alt-i and alt-o.
The result:

ctrl-j  - prints the highlighted file name on the terminal
ctrl-k  - apparently nothing
alt-i   - usual mapping (change directory of other panel)
alt-o   - moved the cursor *DOWN* (Note: it is mapped to âUpâ)

I can't make sense of this behaviour. This seems not
terminal-related. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Command line has priority over panel. If you want use some key
bindings in panel you must unbind that keys in the [input]

What is the proper way of unbinding? Deleting the entire entry,
setting it empty (e.g. Down = )?


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